Under the Edge Hypnotherapy
Under the Edge Hypnotherapy


We all feel anxious on occasions, such as before taking exams or public speaking. It is when we feel anxious constantly that it causes problems and has negative effects on our bodies and quality of life.
In primitive times we would have responded to stress, such as when faced with a wild animal or enemy tribesman, by either fighting or running away (fight or flight). Our instinct is still to respond in this way but, in modern times, if faced with deadlines or problems at work for example, we are unable to fight or flee.
When we are stressed, the subconscious responds by sending messages to increase pulse and blood pressure to prepare us for fight or flight. Stress over a long period increases cortisol levels in the body which may cause a sustained rise in blood pressure.
This is where hypnotherapy comes in; hypnotherapy produces a deeply relaxed state, which lowers anxiety. You will also be taught techniques of self-hypnosis and will be given a free relaxation CD. We will address how the way we think influences how we respond to stressful situations to produce excess anxiety.
Hypnosis is an entirely natural state that we often go into during the day, such as when we are engrossed in a television programme, reading a good book or when we are doing repetitive rasks. You are always in control and there are no negative side effects.

An initial consultation will last between 30 minutes and one hour, and will cost £35. Sessions cost £60.

The number of sessions varies depending on the client's problem. This will be discussed at the initial consultation.







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