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Under the Edge Hypnotherapy

Working with children and teenagers

Children and teenagers in particular respond very well to hypnosis as long as they have agreed to have the sessions and appreciate that they need a bit of help. I have undertaken specialised training to work with children and teenagers.

These are challenging times for parents mainly due to advances in technology such as computer games, i-pads, social media etc. These forms of technology can be very addictive.
School and exam pressure can also cause a lot of anxiety for many children and teenagers.
Children with anxiety can often suffer from insomnia or behavioural problems such as aggression. It is often the case that the child is perfectly well behaved for people outside the family or at school. It tends to be saved up for their nearest and dearest!
Many childrens issues can be helped by hypnotherapy; the following are just some of them:

Being bullied

Separation anxiety



Bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis)

Phobias, including fear of the dark, dentists, dogs etc

General anxiety

Addiction to computer games etc

Behavioural problems

Exam nerves

Lack of confidence

Teenagers' behaviour has always been challenging but I believe never more so than these days.
We live in a very materialistic society where there is a lot of pressure on young people from the media to look a certain way and to feel unhappy if they don't.
Fortunately hypnotherapy is very successful at building confidence and self esteem to counteract these influences.

Issues affecting teenagers, some of which overlap with those of children, include:


Confidence and self esteem

Anger management





Adiction to computer games, social media etc

Exam nerves



I see either parent on their own without the child to begin with so that we can have a chat about the problem and discuss how we can help. This is free of charge.

This is followed by a consultation with the child on their own or with the parent depending on their age, costing £35. The number of subsequent sessions required varies depending on the problem and will cost £60 per session.







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