Under the Edge Hypnotherapy
Under the Edge Hypnotherapy


Phobias are very common; up to 70% of the population suffer from some sort of phobia to varying degrees. Some phobias are of little consequence, such as a snake phobia, but others can have a big impact on our lives, restricting our activities dramatically.
The subconscious protects us from danger and triggers the fear response (fight or flight) causing physical sensations such as palpitations, sweating, shaking etc. In the case of phobias the fear response is triggered inappropriately and out of proportion to the event experienced.
Phobias can include fear of flying, heights, enclosed spaces, birds, being sick, injections, or driving on motorways or unfamiliar roads. In fact you can be phobic about almost anything!
Hypnosis is a relaxed state similar to daydreaming. The client is always in control and there are no negative side effects.

n initial consultation will last between 30 minutes and one hour, and will cost £35. Subsequent sessions will last around 50 minutes at a cost of £60 for each session.







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